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Costa Blanca


Self catering in Spain

We can provide a self catering in Spain service for your dream wedding in Spain.

You can buy the drinks, or we can include them into the package.


Our on-site BBQ's and self catering services, in a venue of your choice, or in a private or rented villa or finca make your event complete, and relief your of the stress of doing it all yourself.


The cost consists of 2 parts ;


1 ) a fixed cost to cover for all fixed expenses, such as transport, rent of the material, required staff, etc


2 ) a price per person, depending on the menu.


A self service buffet style is obviously cheaper then a seated and served dinner.

The client usually buys the drinks, and if wanted, bar staff can be provided.


Additionally, you can order our wedding cakes in spain service.


To order one or more services, simply complete the aplication form.

We will contact you within 3 working days if the requested services are available, and email you a payment request.