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Costa Blanca


Spain weddings are very different

Spain weddings are very different from weddings in other countries.

And Spain has so much to offer as a wedding destination.


The "micro climate", with over 300 days of sunshine per year, few rainy days, and even in summer, temperatures are usually not too hot.


Easy access from most international destinations due to the proximity of 3 international airports, so flights are cheap and easy to find, with flight times under 2 hours from most european destinations.


Lot's of hotels, apartments, rental villas etc making accommodation easy to find and cheap.


And last but certainly not least, Spain is one of the destinations which offers best value for money.


Event-O is the event rental service department of Costa Blanca Events, and our services are available throughout the Costa Blanca.


You pay only the service(s) you ordered, and the transport costs and waiting time of our employees, depending on the place where the services are provided.


To order one or more services, simply complete the application form. We will contact you within 3 working days if the requested services are available, and email you a payment request.